Monster Books
by Emma Fischel

What’s sending shivers up and down Finn’s spine? What’s ruining Stan’s fun on holiday by the sea? Find out below!

The Gorgle

Finn never wanted to move to the spooky old house in the first place. Then a THING hatches in Finn’s wardrobe. A bit like a moth, a bit like a hornet, and a lot like a TEN-FOOT-TALL nightmare. It’s awake. It’s hungry. It’s growing all the time. And nobody else believes it exists…


We’re not safe. Not in here. Not anywhere.’
The Gorgle

Cover artwork and illustrations by the excellent Peter Cottrill

The Monster of Shiversands Cove

Nothing about Stan’s seaside holiday is going right. First there’s the thing his little brother, Magnus, finds. Magnus calls it a fairy, but it doesn’t look like a fairy to Stan. It’s not twinkly – and it bites. Then there’s the huge creature out in the bay. The one that’s after Magnus. The one that only Stan can see… But fairies, monsters – they’re just stupid made-up stories…

Aren’t they?

‘This holiday is doomed…’

The Monster of Shiversands Cove